You Are Not Alone

The Torah life isn't meant to be lived alone. We all need real, live fellowship and the blessing it provides. is a unique online resource designed to help you find and connect with others in the Messianic community anywhere in the world.

You don't have to travel the path alone.

Find Other Believers Like You

Are you:

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  • Searching for fellowship with like-minded believers?
  • Looking for a Messianic community?
  • Desiring to learn more about Messiah Yeshua and living a Torah lifestyle? can help!


If you already have a congregation, synagogue, or study group, add your information to our site to help others find you.


What Kind of Community?

This site is intended for use by Messiah-centered and Torah-pursuant individuals, congregations, or synagogues. We recognize the vast diversity within the body of Messiah and have categorized each group to help you in your search.

You can learn about the types of groups listed on the site, search the list, check out the recently added groups, or add your own information for others to find.


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