Brit Ahavah Messianic Fellowship

Contact Information

557 Olivinia Blvd
Livermore, CA, USA, 94551

B'rit Ahavah is a Messianic Jewish, Gentile, and Ger (a blend) congregation. We strive to replicate the heart of first century Jewish believers in Yeshua haMaschiach, who, like Yeshua himself, observed the Torah and maintain that body of Jewish traditions which edify scripture and celebrate its fulfillment.

Through our Shabbat service, we seek to express our love for G-d through liturgy and worship that dates from Moshe (Moses) to the present. We begin our time together each Shabbat in prayer and Bible study, including a lively discussion of the text, and end, after liturgy, with fellowship and oneg (a kosher potluck meal).