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Our goal is to help you find the fellowship you need.  We don't just add groups to a list and leave them there forever whether they are still valid or not.  We actively work to keep our directory as accurate and up to date as possible.

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We are comprised of Jewish and non-Jewish worshippers of Yeshua HaMashiach – Jesus the Messiah. Our name means “the Love of Jesus,” reflecting both our love for Him, and His eternal love for those who accept Him into their hearts as Lord.

Ahm Yisrael Messianic Synagogue (AYMS) is a Bible believing & Torah observant community in Yeshua (Jesus). It is our calling to teach and live the entirety of Elohim’s (G-d’s) Word; which consists of both the Tanakh (old) and the Renewed (new) Covenants, cover to cover, to both Jews and non-Jews. Teaching “the restoration of all things”; …”until the time of restoration of all things, of which Elohim spoke through the mouth of all His holy prophets from ancient time.” Act 3:21

Rabbi Wayne Leland


Messianic Pastor Lyle Dauber

We are a small group of bleievers located in the North Mississippi area.  We encourage people to walk in Torah, keep Shabbat, and gather for the Feasts of YHVH.

Our focus is to love, worship, and glorify YHVH by seek to obey His Torah- Teachings and Instructions.  This includes the entirety of Holy Scriptures- Genesis through Revelations.


The name of our Hebraic Faith congregation is Aliyah - a Hebrew word which literally means 'to go up'. Aliyah is used to honor someone from the congregation to come up to the Bimah (a raised platform at the center of the congregation from where Torah is read) and recite the blessings before the Torah is read. It is also used to describe the journey of someone emigrating to Israel.

We are a group of people who love the Truth. Each of us arrived in a place where we longed to know the Truth of the Scriptures, the truth of our Messiah and the Truth as we live out our every-day lives.

We realized that we had not been taught the *whole truth* in the Christian churches of our backgrounds. We do not hold animosity towards those in the Churches, but we do recognize that there is much we were never taught, not out of mean-spiritedness, but rather because it just was not time yet.

Am Yeshua Messianic Congregation is a group of people (both Jews and Gentiles), who believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is the promised Jewish Messiah, Son of God, and Savior of the World.

We honor and celebrate Yeshua, for He has forgiven us of our sins, and brought us into a loving and caring relationship with God.

We are located in Reisterstown, Maryland, a suburb of Baltimore. Please come visit and join us, you are welcome!

Ami Israel is a Messianic, Torah-observant congregation located in Lindrith, NM, dedicated to the restoration of Israel and the Hebrew roots of our faith.

Contact: Harley and Barb Leeson

The Ancient Foundation Bible Fellowship are a group of like-minded believers from Wauchope on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia who have been meeting since 2012.

We have gone back to search for and learn the Hebrew Roots of our faith. We are Sabbath keeping, (Saturday) Torah observant believers, (observing YHVH’s teachings and instructions), with Yeshua (Jesus) our Messiah at the centre of all we do.