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Our goal is to help you find the fellowship you need.  We don't just add groups to a list and leave them there forever whether they are still valid or not.  We actively work to keep our directory as accurate and up to date as possible.

You can read through this list, search, or view groups organized by location, the type of group, or their affiliation with larger (inter-)national organizations.

Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Beit Ad-nai Yisrael Messianic Jewish Synagogue is a spiritual home for Jew & Gentile who embrace Yeshua as Messiah & Lord. Through Torah Study, worship & service to our brothers & sisters, BAY expresses faith in the G-d of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. We encourage you to visit us and learn more about our community life...

Shalom means 'peace.' But if we stop with that definition, we don't all understand really what shalom is all about. Imagine that you are crossing a raging river, hopping from one stone to the next. Some of the stones are slippery and wet. Some stones are wobbly and uneven. But one stone, right in the middle of all this insecurity, is solid, dry, large and stable. What is ahead of you is unknown. What is behind you is uncomfortable. But this place, right here, in this moment, is 'shalom.'

That's what we desire for our community. Amidst all the craziness, the disappointments and the frustrations in life. It's good to find some shalom: sharing the love, trusting in the God who offers us peace that transcends all understanding. We invite you to come and share this with us.

A Hebrew Roots Messianic Fellowship meeting on Shabbats and the Feasts in the Green Bay area. For more info call Chris and Jean Stefanek.

Welcome to Beit Ari Yehuda - House of the Lion of Judah! We are a warm Messianic community that seeks to walk in the ways of our Messiah Yeshua; who modeled for us how to live a life of love, grace, and obedience to God's Word. Come join us and grow in your faith and love for one another.

We meet at Crouch Mesa Community Church at the corner of CR3145 and CR3323 in Aztec, NM on Saturdays. We gather together at 11am for either a community service or vibrant study. We have a Shabbat School for elementary age children during this time. Then we join together at 1pm for fellowship and food. Our community loves to spend time with one another and can't wait to spend time with you too!

A Torah Observant Congregation

We are the oldest Messianic Jewish congregation in South Africa. We were founded almost eighteen years ago and have gone through many metamorphoses throughout the years. The founders of the congregation (both Jew and Gentile) always maintained that Beit Ariel should have Messianic Jewish leadership and many Jews have served in this capacity through our long history. Our current leader is Herschel Raysman and he has served as congregation leader since mid 1999.

We are a small mishpachah (family) of believers in Y'Shua HaMashiach (Y'Shua the Messiah), that worship and serve the G-d of Israel, while resting our trust in His provision of atonement, through Messiah.

Beit Besorah means House of Good News. Beit Besorah is an elder-led faith community that seeks to follow God by living as Yeshua lived. We are a community honoring and celebrating the good news of Yeshua by walking together in our daily lives and meeting together on Shabbat for prayer, teaching, breaking of bread, fellowship, and discipleship. We believe we are called to restore mankind to God's will, not only by leading the non-believer to restoration through right relationship with God but also by restoring the believer to godly patterns of living and belief.

  • We affirm, without reservation, that Yeshua is Immanuel, G-d with us, the promised Messiah.
  • Yeshua is G-d in the flesh and it is through His sacrificial death that atonement has been made for our sins.
  • Salvation is a work of G-d alone. No amount of Torah observance or works can achieve or maintain salvation. (John 6:44)
  • We submit to a Biblical Torah observant lifestyle - NOT for salvation purposes but brought forth by our love for G-d. (John 14:15)
  • We affirm that Biblical Torah observance is for both Jew and non-Jew alike. (Num. 15:14-16, Eph. 2:11- 3:6)


The name of our congregation is Beit B'Resheet in Hebrew it translates to House of New Beginnings in English. We changed the name of the congregation 13years ago to Beit B'Resheet House of New Beginnings from Beth Hatikva (Hope Chapel). The Congregation has existed over 40years.

We are a messianic congregation that has ties to the MIA (Messianic Israel Alliance), and the AG (Assemblies of God).