Tabernacle of YHWH

Contact Information

Kapaa, HI, USA, 96746

Tabernacle of YHWH is an Israelite fellowship that serves to bring the good news of both the Living Torah (known as Yeshua or Jesus) and the Written Torah (the Word of G-d) to the Islands of the Pacific. We seek to bring Reconciliation and Restoration to both Jews and Christians through worshiping YHWH and studying Scripture from a Hebrew perspective.

While recognizing that both Jewish and Christian religions are steeped in much of man's tradition, we seek to bring together the truths of both systems from the Sacred Scriptures of the Tanach (commonly called the Old Testament) and the Apostolic Writings (known as the New Testament).

Each week we study the Torah portion, connecting the Torah with the Apostolic writings, seeking to discover a fresh revelation of G-d's love for us from His Holy Word. Our desire is that 'all men might be saved and come to a knowledge of the Truth.' 1 Timothy 2:4