Yeshua Light of the World Sabbath Fellowship

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We are on a journey, a journey of discovery and learning, and the wonder of learning how to “live as He lived.” Yeshua worshipped on Shabbat, He kept the Appointed Times, He never violated the Law - which we have learned is called Torah, or teaching/instruction. But in the same way we left behind the traditions of the church which took us away from the Bible, we do not care to take up new traditions that would keep us away from the Bible. So although we look Jewish sometimes because of when and how we meet, we are not attempting to be Jewish any more than we are trying to be anti-church.

We are just trying to be obedient children who are learning to imitate our Teacher Yeshua and to live pleasing to him. We are on a journey, we have not arrived, we are learning and will continue to learn. If you are on such a journey come meet us some time. We are easy to find. We're the Yeshua loving group that meets on Saturday. Simply enough, that is why we call ourselves a Sabbath Fellowship.