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  • Beit Or was founded by Rabbi Isaac Levy who currently leads and teaches today. In Hebrew Beit Or means “house of light” which conveys our desire to shine the light of Yeshua through the daily living of Torah. Rabbi Isaac Levy has envisioned and brought together Beit Or to teach the knowledge of Yeshua to others using the Holy Scriptures. Our services feel more like a bible study, but are conducted as a synagogue service. At our services you can ask questions, in fact questions are encouraged.

  • Beit Sar Shalom (Casa del Príncipe de Paz) es una congregación judeo-mesiánica que adora al D-os de Abraham, Isaac y Jacob, vivencia la Torá, y cree que Yeshúa (Jesús) es el Mesías prometido de Israel.

  • Beit Shalom is a Messianic congregation consisting of both Jewish and non-Jewish believers in Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah). In English, Beit Shalom means 'House of Peace,' which signifies we are a sanctuary of tranquility, comfort, healing, wholeness, and well-being. Beit Shalom maintains a Jewish identity, and is consistent with the teachings of Messianic Judaism. Beit Shalom practices the customs, and culture that reflect the beliefs, theism, and manner of the first-century Jewish believers.

  • Beit Shalom means "house of peace," and this is exactly what ADONAI has called our congregation to be - a place where the suffering and hurting of the Jewish people and all other nations can come to receive the shalom shalom (perfect peace) of God through a personal relationship with His Messiah Yeshua. Our synagogue is committed to teaching the message of Messiah and the truth of G-d's Torah (Teaching or Instruction) as the means of living a holy life of obedience before the L-rd to Jew and Gentile. We understand and accept all believing Gentiles whom ADONAI calls into our congregation as grafted-in members and sojourners with the people of Israel, equal in every way with our Jewish congregants and accountable to the same Torah.

    Rabbi Robert Ackerman


  • We Believe in the verbal, plenary inspiration of the Bible, which is therefore inherent and infallible in its original autographs. We also believe in the sole authority in the Bible, and therefore reject any claim that there is authority in tradition or in any supposed further revelation. (2 Tim 3:16 and 1Peter 1:21)

    We believe that there is one God. He is infinite and perfect, eternally existing in three distinct and equal persons: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit- each possessing the nature and perfection of deity, as well as the characteristics of personality and in this sense, they are a tri-unity, one-in-three, and three-in-one. (Deut 6:4, Acts 17:24, Psalm 90:2, Math 28:19,20)

  • We seek to be a congregational home for both Jewish and non-Jewish believers in Messiah Yeshua seeking to learn HIS Torah. Beit Shofarot, which means in Hebrew, House of Shofars (or trumpets), has a passion and commitment to our Jewish Messiah as well as our Jewish heritage combining both to see a community filled and touched by the presence of Adonai.

    Beit Shofarot is a Beit Knesset, not only a house of prayer, but a house of gathering. Dedicated to help people to return to Scripture based on Torah-truths and to a personal (redemption) and satisfying relationship with the Creator of the universe (blessed be His Name), first to the Jew and then the non-Jew needing a place and information on how to be righteous according to the teachings of the Torah and King Messiah.


  • We are a community welcome Jews and Gentiles, rejoicing, worshipping the God of Israel, learning, and loving one another.

  • Beit Tefilah is a Messianic Jewish Synagogue comprised of Jewish and non-Jewish believers in the promised Messiah of Israel -- Yeshua.

    We live out a biblical, Torah-based Jewish heritage and lifestyle with foundations in the Tanakh and Brit Chadashah.

    Rabbi Lynn Fineberg


  • Some people think of us as a Temple, like an Orthodox or Conservative or Reform Jewish synagogue. Some people think of us as a Church, like a Baptist or Presbyterian or Lutheran congregation. We are both like and unlike these. We are like a Church in the sense that we believe that the Messiah has come, and He is Yeshua HaMashiach, Whom Christianity refers to as 'Jesus Christ'. While that is a similarity, we believe about Him differently than does Christianity. We are like a Temple in much of how we practice our faith and how we worship, and yet we are also unlike them in much of it.

  • Joyful House of Prayer (Beit Tefillah Sameach) congregation is a congregation of Messianic Jewish and non-Jewish Followers of Yeshua, loyal to Jewish heritage, as outlined in the entire Word of God, the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.

  • Beit Tehila Congregation is a community of Jewish and non-Jewish believers in Yeshua (Jesus), the Messiah, located in Brandon, Florida. Beit Tehila was established to teach the community (church) the Hebrew roots of their faith. The Father is calling us at Beit Tehila to a place of intimacy with Him and our community. We see where the Father is writing the Torah on people's minds and hearts. In Hebrews 8:10 it says, 'For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, saith the Lord; I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to me a people.'

  • Beit Tikvah is part of a world-wide movement of Messianic congregations who worship Yeshua as the Messiah in the context of Jewish life and culture. The name means 'House of Hope' in Hebrew.

  • Beit Tzur, Regina Messianic Fellowship inc. is a Messianic congregation in Regina Saskatchewan, Canada.

    Our activities involve weekly Sabbath Torah services, as well as keeping the Biblical festivals as laid out in Leviticus 23. Our Torah services incorporate worship music, traditional prayers, and readings from the Scripture.