Beit Shofarot Messianic Synagogue

Contact Information

1503 S. Main St
Kannapolis, NC, USA, 28081

We seek to be a congregational home for both Jewish and non-Jewish believers in Messiah Yeshua seeking to learn HIS Torah. Beit Shofarot, which means in Hebrew, House of Shofars (or trumpets), has a passion and commitment to our Jewish Messiah as well as our Jewish heritage combining both to see a community filled and touched by the presence of Adonai.

Beit Shofarot is a Beit Knesset, not only a house of prayer, but a house of gathering. Dedicated to help people to return to Scripture based on Torah-truths and to a personal (redemption) and satisfying relationship with the Creator of the universe (blessed be His Name), first to the Jew and then the non-Jew needing a place and information on how to be righteous according to the teachings of the Torah and King Messiah.